T4P: Tools for POR (for researchers)


Vancouver-based research agencies/organizations: 

The BC SUPPORT Unit's Vancouver Centre is offering a patient-oriented research (POR) tools workshop for Vancouver-based researchers interested in exploring an array of resources to inform and support engaging patients on research teams. The workshop assumes that participants have an understanding of POR. This half day workshop can be held at your site, free of charge, to interested researchers, trainees, and research support staff. If you would like to explore organizing a workshop for your research community, contact us.

For researchers located outside of Vancouver, please contact your regional centre to inquire about this training.


In response to the increasing (1) ‘push’ from funding organizations for patient-oriented research, and the (2) ‘pull’ from health care researchers for resources to support patient engagement on research teams, the BC SUPPORT Unit is offering a half day in-person workshop to provide researchers, trainees, and research support staff with exposure to existing tools and resources for patient-oriented research.

What is the purpose of the workshop? 

To provide health researchers, trainees and research support staff with an opportunity to explore an array of resources to inform and support engaging patients on research teams.

Who is the workshop appropriate for? 

This workshop has been designed for health researchers, trainees, and research support staff interested in - or currently doing - patient-oriented research. It is likely not of interest to patients, healthcare providers or health system decision-makers, as it provides a hands-on session for tools to enact patient-oriented research for those leading research teams. Resources and other training opportunities are available on our website for these other stakeholder groups.

What are the objectives of the workshop?

  1. To expose researchers/ trainees/ research support staff to helpful tools that may be used for undertaking research with patient partners.

  2. To provide an opportunity for researchers/trainees to network enabling potential future collaboration.

  3. To share information, and enable discussion, regarding the services available from the BC SUPPORT Unit.

Who is hosting the workshop?

T4P hosts are Lynne Feehan and Larry Mróz: 

Lynne Feehan, PhD, is the Knowledge Translation Lead at the BC SUPPORT Unit and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia (UBC).   Lynne is a clinician-scientist with many years of clinical experience working as a physiotherapist in public and private health care settings in senior clinical leadership positions.  Lynne’s has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from UBC and has completed two Post-doctoral Fellowships in applied clinical research focusing on Knowledge Translation, Arthritis, Physical Activity and Bone Health.  Lynne has wide-ranging national and international teaching experiences across academic and post-professional learning settings and has a particular passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences in knowledge translation and implementation practice within complex health care systems.

Lawrence Mróz, PhD, is the Research Navigator & Patient Engagement Coordinator for the Vancouver Centre of the BC SUPPORT Unit.  He has a master's degree in biology and worked in molecular biology bench research and with the first year biology laboratory teaching program at UBC. He has a doctorate in human nutrition and has many years experience teaching and doing qualitative health research at UBC in cancer prevention and survivorship, men’s health and palliative care. He brings his teaching and research experience and passion for understanding patient perspectives and experiences with their health into his work helping researchers  develop their patient-oriented research programs.

What do I need to know to participate?

This workshop explores tools for conducting POR, and does not provide an overview of POR. If you don’t yet possess an understanding of POR, we ask that you review the following materials prior to the workshop. We won’t be able to spend time going into detail about what POR is and assume that you have a foundational understanding of the POR approach to health research. These materials include: (a) three “quick reads” that define POR and define patient-centred outcomes research, which is related to but not POR; and, (b) one webinar recording introducing POR by our Scientific Director, Stirling Bryan, PhD, and our Patient Engagement Lead, Colleen McGavin.

  1. Quick Reads:
  1. Webinar Recording:

Thank you in advance for coming prepared to this workshop. 

**And a reminder to please remember to bring your laptop or tablet so you can explore these tools.**