Introductory Workshops: Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research (for all stakeholders)

The BC SUPPORT Unit offers workshops called Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research, which are designed to provide researchers, patients, health care providers and health system decision-makers with the necessary knowledge to work in mutually beneficial partnerships doing patient-oriented research.

Course description


In March of 2015, an interdisciplinary group including patients and researchers from across Canada came together to determine what training would be helpful for individuals interested in participating in patient-oriented research. A reference group was created who further refined the information gathered into learning objectives for three modules. This continues to be refined over time.

This program was created to support patients, researchers, health care providers and health care decision-makers interested in or engaged in patient-oriented research. The information may not be new to all individuals depending on their background however the co-learning opportunity seeks to help individuals see how their knowledge and experience differs from other individuals. The intent is that this awareness will help them as they engage in patient-oriented research by identify where they may need to coach/develop other team member’s knowledge about an area or topic.

How to arrange for training

This face-to-face training is divided into three modules that can be taken in any order.

If you are interested in Foundations of Patient-Oriented Research training, please contact us through the inquiry form.