Get your research out!

Do you have a patient-oriented research project you’d like to share with others? The BC SUPPORT Unit offers research teams the opportunity to present a webinar on their projects.

We will provide:

  • the webconferencing platform (Zoom)
  • support for you in preparing for the webinar
  • webinar moderation, introducing you and managing the question and answer period
  • promotion of the webinar through our website, newsletter and social media
  • recording the webinar for the Unit’s YouTube channel, ensuring your project gets broad reach

Want to check to see if your project is patient-oriented? Refer to this handy guide: “How Patient Oriented is your Research?” https://bcsupportunit.ca/resources/how-patient-oriented-your-research.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Belinda Jampoh and she’ll let you know if this is a good fit.

As part of our Training and Capacity Development activities, the BC SUPPORT Unit has hosted the below webinars:  

Introductory Webinar Recordings

For Patients:

Are you a patient curious about learning more about POR? Watch this webinar recording: Who, me Yes, you! Becoming a Patient Partner in Health Research

For Researchers:  

Looking for a high level overview of POR? Watch this webinar recording: Embracing Patient Oriented Research Are You Ready, Willing and Able?

For health providers and health system decision-makers (and others):

Looking to learn about a successful health system POR project? Watch this webinar recording: Breaking the cycle of recurrent fracture

Pointers Webinar Series

Open to everyone, POINTERS is designed to provide information about the Unit, and about POR projects. Here patients can learn more about how to become involved in POR; researchers can learn from established POR projects; and health providers and health system decision-makers can learn from projects where these stakeholders have been involved.

View the POINTERS Archive 

Methods Clusters webinars

Open to everyone, the Methods Clusters webinars provide updates on the Clusters' activities, and provide a place for Clusters' stakeholders to hold discussions.

View the Methods Clusters Archive at the BC SUPPORT Unit YouTube Channel.

BC SUPPORT Unit Journal Club

Open to BC SUPPORT Unit affiliates: patient partners, regional centres, partners and Hub staff, the Unit-wide journal club meets during the academic year to review POR articles together. 

As part of our Training and Capacity Development activities, the BC SUPPORT Unit is pleased to offer the Unit-wide Journal Club webinar series, open to BC SUPPORT Unit affiliates: patient partners, regional centres, partners and Hub staff. 

The focus of the journal articles is patient-oriented research (all articles are open access so no academic library affiliation is required).

Purpose: The purpose of the journal club is to (a) promote a better understanding of the patient-oriented research process; and, (b) improve your ability to critically appraise research.

Logistics: The club meets via webinar and uses an electronic community of practice (eCoP) for storing documents and for providing an online discussion forum. Members of the club need to apply for a website account (see the link in the top right hand of the website home page) and contact us to be added to this eCoP.

The series includes three webinars over the academic year; you can attend one or all. Each webinar is led by a different volunteer. Participation in the journal club means that you read an article decided on by the leader of that month's session, and come prepared to discuss it. The team eCoP includes a number of resources to help you prepare for these discussion, including:

**Thank you for your interest in the Journal Club Webinars.This pilot project has ended but please check back for further updates.**

Webinar connection details and other materials are available in the eCoP.

Interested individuals (open to  BC SUPPORT Unit affiliates: patient partners, regional centres, partners and Hub staff) can contact Heather Bartlett to be added to the electronic community of practice (eCoP) for this club.

Other Webinars

Are We There Yet?

Presented by Julia Abelson. 

Julia Abelson is a professor in McMaster University's Department of Health Evidence and Impact, and an associate member of the Department of Political Science. She was director of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis from 2006-2011, and is a past recipient of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator award, and an Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Career Scientist award. She is also the director of McMaster's Health Policy PhD program. Abelson obtained her M.Sc. in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health and her doctorate in social and policy sciences at the University of Bath, U.K. Her research interests include public engagement in health system governance; the analysis of the determinants of health policy decision-making; and the evaluation of innovations in the organization, funding and delivery of health services. Through her research, education and service activities, Abelson works closely with decision-makers in provincial, regional and local governments.